Weather Eye: Summer heat, Weather Radio Awareness Month finally arrive



No complaints about a three-day holiday weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures! We just didn’t quite make it to 90 degrees Sunday; Vancouver topped out at 89 degrees. I had 90 degrees here in Salmon Creek as did other area weather observers. The week should bring three or four 90-degree days this week.

High pressure looks like it will be here into the weekend, so summer is now in full force, I guess.

With rather dry conditions, overnight lows dipped into the mid-40s in much of the outlying areas of Clark County. I recorded a low of 46 degrees both Saturday and Sunday mornings. And the with highs into the 90s, that is at least a 44-degree rise. That’s amazing. And on Sept. 1, Hillsboro, Ore., recorded an overnight low of just 41 degrees. Now that is chilly for that date. We also might see some record highs this week in the great Northwest.

Many readers are glad for this late-season heat wave that will surely help ripen the tomatoes and sweet corn, and bring yet another bountiful harvest to local gardens. We rarely have a green tomato summer, although last year was very close.

As we look ahead and prepare for the fall and winter months, September is Weather Radio Awareness Month. I recommend that each household have a weather radio, which can alert you to storm watches and warnings, and any national emergencies and local Amber Alerts as well. I prefer a hand held one that can be plugged in or battery operated and can go on trips and outdoors hiking, etc. It is also great to have while walking along the ocean beaches just in case a tsunami warning pops up. Weather radios can be found almost anywhere home electronics are sold. For more information, visit

Enjoy your week!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at