Buyers go hog-wild at fair auction



Ridgefield — Several charities benefitted from the pigs that Tayte Robison-Hanchett raised for her Hog Wild 4-H Club project. At the Junior Livestock Auction at the Clark County Fair, participating children were asked to write one sentence about themselves; Robison-Hanchett, 11, wrote of her intention to donate 10 percent of the proceeds to charity. After much cheering and applause, a bidding war began, and the price soared to $4 a pound, for a total sale price of $1,160. But the winning bidder — Troy Tindall of Blue Line Transportation in Portland — donated the pig named Hamilton back to the auction, with the money going to Youth Efforts Against Hunger, a program that provides high-quality food for less-fortunate members of the community. Another bidding war then ensued, and the pig was again purchased, this time by Phil Reister of Reister Properties and Neal Schoen of the Clark County Cattlemens’ Association. The two paid $725 and again donated the animal back to the YEAH program. The pig was sold a third time for $580 by Jacqueline Youngblood, who will have the pig butchered and packaged for consumption. Robison-Hanchett will donate about $200 to The Wounded Warriors, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based nonprofit group that helps severely injured service members between active duty and civilian life. YEAH received $1,305. To read more of Robison-Hanchett and Hamilton’s story, visit