Letter: Those with wealth wield influence



I read the Sept. 4 story “Candidates decline to do video for rivals’ funder” about David Madore and his participation in the Vancouver City Council races. Thank God we have someone just like the Koch Brothers right here in Clark County — someone like Madore who can use his great wealth to influence the electorate and promote his evangelical truths to the ill-informed and unwashed masses. It makes it so easy to vote for candidates now. All one has to do is see whom Madore is supporting and vote accordingly.

With the Citizens United Supreme Court victory for unlimited political contributions by corporations, we no longer have to take the time to evaluate the issues and the candidates. This will now be done for us. We are certainly better off with big corporations setting the limits of the political debate as well as the infallible, religious-based policies promoted by the mega-churches and their advocates in our midst.

David Dansky