Libya’s acting premier calls for unity, rebuilding



TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — The acting prime minister for Libya’s new rulers is appealing for national unity to rebuild the country while calling Moammar Gadhafi a figure of the past.

Mahmoud Jibril says the battle for Libya is not over, with pockets still controlled by Gadhafi loyalists. Only after the whole country is “liberated,” he said, can a new government be formed.

Thursday’s appearance was Jibril’s first in the capital since rebel forces stormed the city last month, effectively ending Gadhafi’s rule and sending him into hiding.

Earlier, Gadhafi called on his followers in an audio message to keep fighting, saying he is still in Libya.

Jibril refused to discuss Gadhafi’s whereabouts or send a message to the former ruler.

He said he would not “talk about things of the past,” referring to Gadhafi.