City lands in top third of driver safety ranking



Vancouver drivers aren’t the safest in the country, but they’re far from the worst, according to a survey released earlier this month.

Allstate Insurance Company recently ranked driver safety in the country’s 200 largest cities, a list based largely on motorists’ frequency of accidents. Vancouver, where drivers go an average of just under 10 years between accidents, checked in at 64th — unchanged from its 2010 ranking, according to Allstate.

Even though Vancouver placed in the top third of the rankings, drivers here are about 1 percent more likely to have a traffic accident than the national average, according to the survey.

Other Washington cities didn’t fare as well. Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue all landed in the 140s on the rankings. Spokane, however, came in 40th. Drivers there have an accident every 10.6 years, and are 5 percent less likely to crash than the national average, according to the survey.

Portland ended up in the bottom half of the survey at 128th.

The nation’s best drivers are in Fort Collins, Colo., according to the survey. The worst? That would be Washington, D.C., where drivers are 107 percent more likely to have an accident than the rest of the country, and go only 4.8 years between accidents on average.