Letter: Don’t impugn Dick Cheney’s honor



On the Sept. 4 Columbian Opinion page, I find the cartoon comparison of former Vice President Dick Cheney to Moammar Gadhafi very offensive. On the one hand, the description of the former dictator Gadhafi as a “pariah accused of war crimes and removed from power” is accurate. However, to portray Cheney on the same level is grossly inaccurate and unfair. Cheney has served his country honorably and well for over four decades beginning as a member of the House of Representative (five times elected), and later as White House chief of staff, then as secretary of defense, and later as deputy to the president, followed by two terms as vice president. As vice president, his skillful leadership is recognized in helping to keep the country safe from terrorist attacks for nearly eight years by a grateful nation.

Yes, the cartoonist has a right to express his opinion in such a pernicious manner, but for the editorial page editor of the newspaper to choose to use it to impugn the integrity of a patriotic public servant is highly objectionable and indefensible, in my view.

E. Bruce Preece