Letter: Mail delivery deteriorating



Just for the record, I retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 1985 in Phoenix Ariz. I carried mail on a bicycle for 12 years (ruined my knees). During my postal career we researched addresses and did everything we could to deliver the mail. We even checked telephone books, searching for the correct person, in case someone did not address the envelope correctly.

In August of this year I wrote a check to the person who cuts my grass. I mailed it with his name and address. Unfortunately I forgot Vancouver, WA on the envelope. I got the letter back on Sept. 2. It took the Postal Service a full month to return the envelope to me. Now the post office is telling us that they are proposing to stop Saturday delivery. That’s fine with me. Our service has been going downhill for years. I guess they can mess up the service in five days instead of six. We, the public, will never know the difference. Our mail service will still be very poor to lousy.

Jim Souder