Letter: Nurses deserve a seat at the table



The Aug. 39 story “Health focus of Herrera Beutler: She says feds shouldn’t cut rates for Medicare reimbursement” reported that Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, met with local health care providers during a invitation-only meeting. Most of the points made by the health care providers were good in regards to current health care issues in the county. But, as a registered nurse, I have three concerns regarding those whom Herrera Beutler invited.

First, other than Dr. Robin Virgin, a primary care provider, those present did not represent mainstream health care providers in the county; and they all worked for PeaceHealth Southwest. Second, missing were representatives for advanced practice nurses who care for many of our county citizens and are also health care providers. Third, nurses were not represented. Nurses in acute and community care work directly with clients and understand the challenges and issues of meeting the health care needs of those in our county.

Sue Button