Letter: BPA consistently creates a mess



I am continually amazed by the convoluted mess Bonneville Power Administration has created for itself and the citizenry of two counties, putting more than 10,000 property owners in further financial distress. All it really took was proposing two well defined lines.

After studying the National Environmental Policy Act rules and regulations, I have found several options that could and should be considered. There is the well-known Gray Line outside all population centers and then some variations on the BPA’s own proposals that could also greatly reduce the numbers of those impacted to just a few. Even then, those few could, with determination and clever engineering, be missed.

Wouldn’t it be wise, prudent and more sane for them and all involved to be searching for the combination of options that affects the least number of people possible and then offer those few who would be impacted some options? It really isn’t that complicated.

And NEPA law requires that BPA closely consider and work with the populace in determining the best possible solution, something I have yet to see them approach.

Ardie Stein