Beat the late-summer heat with winter outlook




Officially for Vancouver, we have placed into the record books four straight days of 90 degrees or higher since Sept. 6. And Saturday and Sunday will most likely be five and six. Already, Vancouver is running four degrees above normal for the average mean temperature.

I have spent the past few days at the coast and I must say it has been absolutely gorgeous. A dash of fog in the morning to entice the soul, a large dose of sunshine in the afternoon, and shirt-sleeve conditions make for a perfect day. The peaceful solitary walk on the beach with gulls overhead and gentle waves at my feet left me surrounded in the amazing realm of nature.

With high temperatures and low humidity, fire danger continues to be extreme all the way to the Coast Range mountains. Getting tired of this warm weather? Well, relief is on the way this week. An onshore flow of marine air will drop us back to more seasonal temperatures, which will top out in the 70s.

The National Climate Center has upgraded its La Niña watch to an advisory this week, which means back-to-back La Niñas, although the second year is usually much weaker. But at least you know the drill: Cooler and wetter than average, mainly, beginning in January.

The government agency also issued its winter prediction for our neck of the woods and is calling for above-average precipitation and lower than normal temperatures.

If this all comes together, it means another good mountain snowpack and a skier’s delight, so be sure to get that early-season discount ski pass!

Last year, I went to Sunriver for Thanksgiving and there was plenty of snow for a horse-drawn sleigh ride and basically snow on or alongside the roadway all the way from Vancouver to Sunriver. Another November snowfall for us? Stay tuned.

I just thought I would chat about the upcoming winter months and a scenic picture of snowfall to help cool everyone down. So now, after reading this column, you may go back to your cold one in front of the fan or whatever and enjoy your day. Keep the faith: Cooler but still dry weather is on the way.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at