Letter: Bush did a good job after 9/11



Re-watching the videos of 9/11 just gives me the creeps, like it did on the day I viewed them live. It was so unbelievable … this just could not be happening in our country. I cried and cried. I will never forget what it was like watching both of the towers crumble and fall as though they were made out of toothpicks and knowing that people by the thousands were dying. It shook me to the core. I don’t remember ever being that scared before or since. And I’ll never be the same again.

May God protect us from ever having to experience that kind of terror again on our own soil. I am so thankful for all those who have given and will yet give their lives for our freedom. I cannot take my freedom lightly.

And I am forever grateful to then-President George W. Bush for his actions during that crisis and following. I am glad he was our president then.

I pray that I will be like those on 9/11 who didn’t stop to think about their lives or what might happen, they just did their jobs and gave their all to save those they could. God bless them all as we remember that day and count our many blessings.

Alice Cox