Letter: Neighboring nation stands behind us



Ten years ago, on Sept. 11, terrorist acts in New York City, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people from more than 90 countries, including those of 24 Canadians. Our hearts went out to all the victims of that terrible day. As family, friends and neighbors, we are reminded this week of the strength and resilience of the American people and of the integrity of our shared way of life, built around freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

Rather than destabilize our way of life, 9/11 made us more resilient. The work that Canada and the United States have undertaken together alongside the wide international community has strengthened our national and collective security. And every day, in communities across North America, we see evidence of our unity — people of all faiths, races and cultures working toward common goals.

Canadians will continue to keep the victims of 9/11 and their families in our thoughts and prayers. On this solemn anniversary, as Consul General of Canada for Washington state, I would like to reaffirm Canada’s commitment to stand together with our American allies against the threat of terrorism, and to uphold our two great nations’ shared principles.

Denis Stevens