Letter: Bush’s critics won’t stop blaming him



I glanced at the political cartoon on the Sept. 8 Opinion page and thought little of it, as it was the same old attempt at making light of the Republican Party. I thought it was odd and out of context to have a “sketch” of President Obama in the last frame. I picked up the paper, later in the day, to look at the cartoon again. The last frame was supposed to be President Bush, even though to me it still looks more like Obama.

I didn’t realize Bush was a candidate for the 2012 election, as stated in this cartoon’s title, “GOP presidential candidates’ radically new, never-been-tried jobs plans.” It doesn’t look as though Bush’s critics will ever stop blaming him for the horrible position he has put this country in, and the supernatural power he possesses to keep Obama from following up on a single campaign promise. That is power.

Grant C. Johnson