Prosecutors: Man linked to Seattle terror suspect



SEATTLE (AP) — Prosecutors say a man who tried to run a uniformed Marine and another officer off a Seattle road in July had apparently been in contact with a Seattle terrorism suspect.

Michael D. McCright was charged Tuesday with swerving his car at a government sedan on July 12. Prosecutors say the Marines had just left a military recruiting station in South Seattle that was the the target of a what authorities described as a foiled terror plot by two men, Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif of Seattle and Walli Mujahidh of Los Angeles.

The pair were arrested in a sting operation in late June.

In asking for bail to be set at $2 million, prosecutors wrote that McCright’s cell phone had been used three times to contact Abdul-Latif prior to Abdul-Latif’s arrest. They say they’re investigating any connections McCright might have to domestic terrorism.