Letter: Unhappy with handling of donations



Many thanks to Boston Bruins scout and Vancouver resident Tom McVie for bringing the Stanley Cup to Vancouver. I wish I could have met him to thank him in person. It was such a thrill to see and be photographed with the Cup.

I appreciate Mountain View Ice Arena’s hosting the event, but I was not impressed with how the viewing was handled. The “suggested donation” for a photo with the Cup by cash or check turned into a $10 fee per ticket, one ticket per photo, you must have a ticket to remain in line, and was cash only.

My son put up his own money to have his own picture taken with the Cup. Then we were rushed through after a three-and-a-half hour wait so quickly that we had not even a minute to savor our (boughten) moment. No such fees or rushing took place in the earlier viewing in Portland’s Pioneer Square.

A fellow fan in line let me write him a check for cash so I could buy my ticket; thanks for such kindness. Shame on MVIA for turning an opportunity to gladly donate to youth hockey into a brusquely-taken fee for a community event generously provided by another.

Erin Johnson