Letter: What’s not to like?



The approval rating of Congress is as low as 10 percent. Why? Forty-five million people are on public assistance at a total cost of $92,000 per person including the system cost. They should love Congress and do everything to support them. The huge military-industrial complex owes Congress big time. Where’s the love? Wall Street should fall all over themselves with love for Congress. Great tax laws, endless loopholes, bailouts and a fantastic return for many who “invest” in Congress. There are 34,000 lobbyists running Congress. Did they vote? There is nothing we can do about this, yet someone comes up with this poor rating for Congress. The approval rating should be more like 50 percent with at least total support coming from the 50 percent not paying any taxes. There are others beholding by the tens of thousands. I just don’t get it. Somebody help me. Where’s the love?

John E. McDonald