Letter: Vote is still vehicle for change



During our Great Depression of the late 1920s and into the late 1930s, there were three classes of working people. The state, county and government work forces all had steady incomes. Also, if you worked for the railroad, you ate and had a car. Our present recession is similar. During those lean years, we learned to do for ourselves — work, worry and hope for the best.

I was one of nine children. My father was a master carpenter, and if there was any work available, he found it. He raised my eight brothers to work — I mean work to the bone. We were never in trouble with the law. The respect we had for our country, our neighbors and ourselves was always evident.

One of the problems we have today is to expect the powers that be to behave in a like manner. We should not be in the “spend, spend, spend” mode now. We need smarter, tougher people representing us.

At age 86, I’ve learned this and I still vote; hoping we can change it.

Marie P. Harvey