Letter: Congress shows its incompetence




Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. Every two years, the United States citizenry locally hires 435 people to look out for our best interests of this country. At the same time, we tertiarily hire 33-and-a-third more on a statewide basis (OK, the math doesn’t really work, but theirs doesn’t either). Additionally, every four years, we nationally hire two more to oversee those 535 above.

Lately, it seems that this scheme isn’t working too well. So, the chief overseer has formed a “super committee” of 12 chosen from the 535 above to fix what that 535 couldn’t fix in the first place.

Am I missing something here? Can you spell “incompetence”? You can. Good. Now how about “recall”? “Nonelected”?

This voter rests his case (until elections).

Richard T. Martin