Letter: Vancouver forgets one of its own



Vancouver has its own POW/MIA in Captain Harley H. Hall, who represented Vancouver all over the world when he was commander of the Navy’s famous flying team the Blue Angels from 1969 to 1971. Hall was the last Navy pilot shot down in Vietnam, on Jan. 17, 1973, just hours before the cease fire was signed. He was alive on the ground. His back seater was released with the rest of the POW/MIA’s but Hall was never returned.

Hall grew up in the Vancouver area and attended schools here, but it seems Vancouver has forgotten his sacrifice because he is never mentioned at the various ceremonies for veterans. His family has waited patiently for 38 years for word of what happened to him or just to see him walk through the door. There are other POW/MIA families in the area who also wait, but Vancouver forgets.

Gwen Hall Davis