Letter: Vote Travis and Kemp on board



Last September, the Vancouver Education Association confirmed with the Vancouver Public Schools’ chief financial officer on how Superintendent Steven Webb’s per diem calculation was made. The district confirmed that the calculation for the 2010-11 school year was $214,000 base salary for 220 days equals $972.73 per day.

This summer the school board took action to amend Webb’s contract to compute his daily rate of pay by including the amount of his 403(b) of $22,000 per year in the calculation. The new calculation for Webb’s daily rate of pay for the 2011-12 school year will be $1,072.73 per day.

I find this ironic since the district has asked our classified staff to cut $145,000 from their salaries. The Vancouver Association of Educational Support Employees has offered to take a 1 percent cut in salary during bargaining. The district refused the offer — they prefer to unilaterally cut wages, hours, jobs and terms of jobs. Adding to the irony is that other district superintendents are taking voluntary pay cuts in this economic turndown, but Webb gets another raise.

It’s time to elect school board members who will put a stop to this nonsense. Vote for Bob Travis and Tom Kemp for Vancouver’s school board when you receive your ballot.

Amy Simons