Letter: Time for change in local government



The people of Clark County are not being served to their best interests. I’ve lived here long enough to see how the politicians undercut, deceive and manipulate the citizens who voted them into office. This charge can be placed directly on just about every public official, county or city. I want to specifically point out Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and the three county commissioners, Marc Boldt, Steve Stuart and Tom Mielke, for repeated failures in policy and direction.

They failed in their promise to bring a better economy, jobs, a new bridge, better Latino-Russian relations, a working plan with BPA, C-Tran improvements, light rail into the city, crime prevention, and a better bang for the buck in spending taxpayer money. I give them a grade D- in performance and results.

I’m tired of the good-old-boy network that exists in this county. Let’s start thinking about removing these officials, one by one, in the next election they run. They’ve had all the time in office to keep their campaign promises. It’s time somebody else with a better plan takes over.

Rolf Knapp