Rotary Club panhandles for polio



Salmon Creek — A homeless man, wearing a fuzzy hat, ragged clothing and walking with a cane, approached Nadine Louviere on the corner of 134th Street and 20th Avenue. Louviere’s “Panhandling for Polio” partners from Rotary were concerned for her welfare when the man hung around longer than most. At the end of the conversation, the man reached into a bag he was carrying and pulled out a jar with a dollar bill and some change. He reached into the jar and pulled out 60 cents and gave it to Louviere. He bent down, kissed her hand and tipped his hat as he walked away. Turns out his father died from polio. Including the man’s donation, seven Clark County Rotary Clubs raised more than $3,600 on Sept. 10 in their effort to help eradicate polio. To find out more about the cause, visit