Talking Points: Jeff George wants to play for Colts




Jeff George is 43 years old.

But he’s a young 43, as far as quarterbacks are concerned.

Heck, George hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2001. With fresh legs and a healthy body, he thinks he can save the Colts’ season.

Peyton Manning is a legend in Indiana for his pro career.

Well, Jeff George is a legend in Indiana for his high school and college years. (Not so much his four seasons of pro ball in Indianapolis as the team’s QB in the early 1990s.)

He would love another chance to lead the Colts.

“I know it’s a long shot, but they need something,” George said, adding that it would only take him a week or so to learn the team’s offense.

“If I can come back and help my hometown team, with my family being here, in any way that I could, what a great feeling that would be,” he said.

We say, why not?

If he wins a few games, it makes for a great story, keeps the fans happy.

And if he fails miserably, the Colts could be in line to go straight from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck.


Speaking of possible bad quarterback play, at least Maryland’s QB has a good sense of humor.

Danny O’Brien had a rough night Saturday, throwing three interceptions in a loss to West Virginia.

“If you want a quick way to find out who your friends are, throw three picks in a game,” he said.

Only a sophomore with a lot of talent, he has plenty of friends.

And more people will support an athlete who can have a little fun at his own expense.

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