Letter: Class warfare, indeed




House Speaker John Boehner calls it class warfare. It is. When the poor far outnumber the rich and the rich continually fight paying their share of taxes, what else do we call it? We will have a class warfare if something isn’t done. The tax cuts for the rich promise more jobs.

Where are the jobs? They aren’t adding jobs. They’re buying property, stocks and hiding money in overseas accounts, but not providing jobs or we wouldn’t have this unemployment.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said that Warren Buffett should just write a check.

How about McConnell? I’m sure he can afford it. How many homes do the wealthy need, while we are losing our homes at a record number? Our families are hurting. Are any of the Congress members hurting with their salaries, speaking engagement dollars, and with us paying their families’ health benefits and their retirement benefits? This is even if they only serve four years. Let them go get a job once they leave service, like we do.

I am only one of the frustrated seniors that sees our young people being taken advantage of, and they don’t seem to see it.

Wake up, folks, before we do have a class warfare.

Margaret Dunlap