Talking Points: Hurray for the Brewers



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here an item that will have people talking:


Once upon a time — for a very brief time — the team now known as the Milwaukee Brewers was living life as the Seattle Pilots. They played at Sick’s Stadium, and they thought would live happily ever after (in spite of a 64-98 record).

But along came a used-car salesman named Bud Selig (seriously, we kid you not), who kidnapped the Pilots (or maybe he just bought them) and whisked them away to Milwaukee. The Pilots would not live happily ever after, and Seattle would miss its baseball team.

Another team came along a few years later, and a few years after that Seattle fell in love with them. The Brewers, meanwhile, lived in anonymous mediocrity for years and years and years. In fact, in their first 41 years as the Brewers, they managed only two division titles.

But then something wonderful happened for the Brewers and their fans — they actually got good. Their Prince arrived. Literally.

Now the Brewers are champions of the National League Central, a title they wrapped up on Friday. Why, the last time they won a division title, the division was the American League East.

And as the Brewers prepare for the playoffs and hope for a trip to the World Series, there is a lesson: Sometimes fairy tales do come true.

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