Letter: Republicans ignore working class



In 1969, the Washington Post published an article by David S. Broder: “A risky new American sport: The breaking of the president.” In his satirical essay, Broder describes the process: The first step in removing a president is for the breakers to assume a position of moral superiority by opposing all issues and proposals by the president.

This describes the actions of Speaker of the House John Boehner and his fellow Republicans.

The second step involves creating a negative campaign against the president, which they have done.

We will never get the jobs bill, which we desperately need, because of Republican opposition to all of President Obama’s bills. They claim they will not pass any bill that increases taxes — as if they are saving the average working man, and not the very rich man, from paying more taxes.

Ann McFeatters’ July 17 opinion column “Myth: Lower taxes for rich will create jobs,” verifies that charging less taxes on the wealthy will not provide more jobs. All it does is make the rich richer. The rich couldn’t care less about helping us, poor urchins.

It makes one wonder who are the Republicans for, the average working Joe or the big money makers? It seems they forgot who put them in office: the working class.

Carl S. Scheuffele