Talking Points: Big 12 should want Boise State



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here’s an item that will have people talking:


Even in realignment, it’s hard to figure out where Boise State fits.

With all the rumors and speculation about which teams might be going to the Big 12, who the Southeastern Conference might be looking to add next and how the Big East is going to patch its holes, the Broncos rarely come up.

Nobody seems to want one of the most successful and popular football programs over the last decade.

The Big 12 should.

“They are a relatively nontraditional program,” Western Athletic Conference commissioner Karl Benson said Sunday. “But on the other hand, from a performance standpoint, they are much better and much stronger and a have a recent history that’s much better than a lot of other schools.”

The fourth-ranked Broncos (3-0) are in their first season in a new conference, the Mountain West, and have picked up right where they left off in the WAC.

Of course, wins and losses are only a small part of what makes a program attractive to conferences looking to add — or replace — members.

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