Letter: Healthy debate needed in Washougal



Washougal Mayor Sean Guard is correct when he says that the Nov. 8 election may be “a turning point” for Washougal. Voters must decide if they want to continue the profligate spending that was instituted in the former Stacee Sellers administration, of which council members Molly Coston and Rod Morris both were a part, or do they want a new focus on less spending, and improving the business environment of the city? Do the citizens of Washougal want to continue to spend money on projects such as $16,000 in decorative artwork at Steamboat Landing at a time when the city is tapping reserves to provide sidewalks?

Another question to be decided by the voters is whether they want healthy debate among city council members, or prefer a council that is in lock-step with one another and the mayor. Are debate and the healthy airing of varying viewpoints not good for our city? Given our recent history in Washougal, don’t we want our council members to ask questions, and demand answers? Is this process a sign of dysfunction? I don’t think so.

Leona Shoemaker