Talking Points: Dancing with local support



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Proving once again that nothing gets past Talking Points: Yes, that was Vancouver’s Tina Ellertson in the audience during Monday’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

Ellertson was there supporting contestant Hope Solo, her former teammate at the University of Washington and with the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. Following Solo’s performance on Monday’s show, the camera settled on some of her supporters, and Talking Points recognized a familiar face.

“Yes!” Ellertson replied when asked by text message if that was her on national TV. “I have been here the past two weeks. I will be on the show supporting her tomorrow, too.”

That would be Tuesday’s episode of “Dancing With the Stars,” when one of the contestants will be eliminated. Soccer fans can help ensure that Solo is not the one sent packing by texting or phoning in their votes.

“Get people voting,” Ellertson wrote. “So proud of her!”


The Red Sox, Rays, Cardinals and Braves are making for an exciting finish to the 2011 Major League Baseball regular season.

Two games to go.

Both wild card playoff spots up for grabs.

Who can complain?

Of course the Yankees can.

And they will.

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi told reporters on Monday he doesn’t like this season’s postseason schedule, which leaves one off-day after the regular season.

“It puts me in a pickle,” Girardi said. “I’m trying to win every game. I’m making moves to win games, but I’m not jeopardizing my guys.”

Someone please tell Mr. Girardi his team has already clinched home-field throughout the AL playoffs so he can ease off and play some of those September call-ups.

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