Psychologist testifies at Loughner hearing



TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — A psychologist has taken the stand at a hearing to determine if the Tucson shooting rampage suspect will spend more time undergoing psychological treatment.

Dr. Christina Pietz is treating Jared Lee Loughner at the Missouri prison facility where he has spent the past four months.

She testified Wednesday in a federal courtroom in Tucson that Loughner was devastated when he was told of his schizophrenia. She says he “didn’t want to be mentally ill.”

The 23-year-old Loughner sat expressionless with his lawyers and quietly listened to Pietz’s testimony. He looked thin and pale and was wearing a white T-shirt and khaki pants.

Two federal marshals stood behind him.

A judge will decide at the hearing whether it’s likely Loughner can be made competent to stand trial. He’ll also consider prosecutors’ request to extend Loughner’s stay at the Missouri facility by another eight months.