Letter: Retract foreign aid allowances



I am a Vietnam veteran on disability and Social Security, and all I hear about is that Congress wants to cut entitlements to us, the veterans and the United States citizens. I have never heard a lawmaker say that we should cut entitlements to foreign countries (foreign aid). Do these countries put money into the pot for that? I don’t think so; it is the American people who do.

If Congress would take back three-quarters of the foreign aid money, there would be a big chunk for deficit reduction. I, like many Americans, never hear about any reduction in that area.

I also feel disaster aid to other countries is a farce. How many countries came to the aid of the United States when Hurricane Katrina hit? Victims had a hard time getting aid from the United States. Now people on the East Coast are hurting for aid, and which foreign nation is rushing here to help them? Nobody, because there is politics being played in Congress.

Richard E. Jones