Letter: Work for it, even in tough times



In response to Paul Presler’s Sept. 25 letter, “Just plain greed” — you have got to be kidding. This is almost laughable, except this guy actually believes it, and many other do also. Just who is the greedy one? He says we aren’t free to have a roof over our head. I think what he is saying is that he wants this roof over his head for free. The land of the free doesn’t mean you get all this stuff free; it means you are free to work to get one. Maybe when you vote, you should vote those out of office who make it undesirable for corporations, or those with money, to make jobs for you by taxing away all their profits.

Many voted for “the great one” who promised jobs but didn’t make that promise come to fruition. Does Presler really think it is the job of the rich, those who worked hard or had the smarts to go to college, to give him their money as a hand-out for housing and food? Times are tough, but you are not guaranteed these things.

Marty Siegler