Letter: Questions for Brancaccio



“Is the new City Hall too elegant?” Really? Really? I read Editor Lou Brancaccio’s Sept. 24 Press Talk column, thought about it, read it again with a puzzled look on my face.

What? Why would Brancaccio ask this question?

He asks “Now I don’t want to drizzle on anyone’s parade, but am I the only one who is thinking that maybe, just maybe, the new City Hall is (dramatic pause required here) too nice?” … “You know what I’m saying?”

What kind of question is that? You know what I’m saying? If City Hall had that building built and the money to build it, it wouldn’t be that “elegant.” They didn’t have anything to do with it being “elegant.” Did you want them to “trash” it down before they moved in? Again, why?

Paula Person