Letter: Study’s suggestion will do harm



A March 21 Columbian story reported “Study: Too many colon tests rely on costly sedation.” The medical stories on sedation and colonoscopy are false. I am in the group of people who require frequent exams because of my history and I find these tests uncomfortable and painful. What they don’t tell you in this study is that if the patient moves or jerks, it’s easy to pierce the lining of the colon, and if this happens, it’s not a fun surgery to repair that damage. So it’s important to keep the patient relaxed.

I have encouraged many men to get this exam to save their lives, yet even the thought of death just won’t get them in. I tell them they will be sedated and won’t remember a thing.

So if the medical community thinks not enough men are being tested, well it’s going to get even worse. If nervous men know they won’t be sedated then I guarantee the death rate for this disease will skyrocket. It’s too painful without sedation, the risk of injury is too high. I will not do it without sedation. Those who make these decisions should see if they can do it with out the meds.

Thomas Krueger