Letter: School bond is a wise investment



I was not raised in Woodland and did not attend Woodland Public Schools. I was, however, raised in a small logging town where our high school consisted of students from three towns so I know the need for a larger school. Thankfully, the leaders of that community did, too.

As a parent, and now as a resident of Woodland, I am voting “yes” on the new school. I believe the future of our community is our children and I believe they deserve every opportunity to be successful and know just how much we value them. Over-crowded schools that will become more crowded as Woodland grows do not show them how valuable they are. It says our pocketbooks are more important than their future. Our schools need to progress now, and we need to go all the way. Doing it all now will, I believe, ultimately save money in the future.

If one would cut out a few extra coffees a month, a few packs of cigarettes, a few cases of pop or beer, there you have it … the extra few dollars. Our kids are well worth it. So please vote “yes” on April 17.

Kirstin Troyer