Sheriff gives all, of his moustache, for good cause

By Paul Suarez, Columbian web producer



‘Moustache March’

  1. CCSO Sgt. Shane Gardner, $1,095
  2. CCSO Sgt. Fred Neiman, $965
  3. CCSO Deputy Justin Messman, $800
  4. CCSO Sheriff Garry Lucas, $744.47
  5. CCSO Detective Bill Sofianos, $690
  6. Fire District 3 Capt. Drew Simpson, $550.01
  7. CCSO Deputy Craig Marler, $550.00
  8. CCSO Sgt. David Trimble, $455
  9. CCSO Deputy Jason Hafer, $395
  10. CCSO Detective Tom Yoder, $300

Clark County Sheriff Garry Lucas was willing to part with his signature moustache if the price was right.

Apparently that price was $744.47.

Lucas bid farewell to the hair on his upper lip Monday, April 2, to commemorate the end of the annual Moustache March fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Participants get sponsored to grow facial hair and shave it off. It’s the third time the sheriff’s office has participated in the event, which raised $13,159.48 this year (including Lucas’ $744.47).

Several deputies, family and friends had their ’staches shaved off before a Trail Blazers game March 22, said Sgt. Shane Gardner, who helped organize the event.

On Monday “Big Rick” Conn from Bernie and Rollie’s Barber Shop at 10323 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd. made a special trip to the first floor of the sheriff’s office headquarters to take clippers to the upper lip of three high-ranking officials in the sheriff’s office — including Lucas — who didn’t make it to the game.

“I haven’t seen you in a year,” Lucas said to Conn, while stepping out into the lobby wearing his official tan uniform. (Conn did the trimming last year, too.)

“That’s pretty good for me, right?” Conn fired back, getting a few laughs from sheriff’s office personnel who showed up to watch.

Two sergeants said goodbye to their facial hair before their boss.

Sgt. Fred Neiman, spokesman for the sheriff’s office, participated in the annual event for the first time this year.

Neiman said his wife of 31 years and their children have never seen him without his moustache.

“She (his wife) thinks I look 10 years younger,” he said later in the day. He joked that he probably needs to take her to get her eyes checked.

It was also the first Moustache March for Sgt. Dave Trimble. He’s not sure if he’ll grow it back but he said “it’s a great cause.”

This year’s trimming also included a hot lather and a single-blade razor shave at the request of Lucas, barber Conn said.

Lucas said the treatment took him back to his younger days when he would visit a Camas barbershop on Saturdays to get the full shave.

His signature ’stache will return.

“It’s growing back as we speak,” he said.