Weather Eye: Hope you enjoyed glimpse of spring



Monday’s weather was certainly easy to take a liking to — very springlike, with mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be another story with rain, showers, maybe a thunderstorm, hail and a few sunny periods, too. Looking ahead to the Easter weekend, it looks like we may get a break from the rain. How about that? So right now, plan on a dry day for those egg hunts.

It is official as far as last month’s rainfall goes. With 7.89 inches, Portland International Airport recorded its wettest March since records began in 1940. Vancouver had its third-wettest March with 7.81 inches. The wettest was 8.38 inches in 1916. Second place was 1957 with 7.83 inches. In comparison, March 2011 had 6.78 inches in the rain bucket.

Local rainfall reports are coming in from your friends and neighbors around the area and some are very impressive. And there was snow to report as well. I will bundle them up and report back to you in the very near future.

Lawn mowers abuzz

The lawn mowers were buzzing Monday with the sunny weather and afternoon temperatures in the low 60s. One could really smell the grass trimmings. I noticed quite a few people visiting the local garden center at Fred Meyer, too.

I looked back to my column for this date last year and things were pretty much the same as this year.

Here are a few comments about all the rain we had in March 2011 from a few readers.

“Even though I have good drainage on my property, I noticed the night crawlers are starting to carry life vests,” weather observer Murphy Dennis said. He added: “I saw two Robins using a dip net to scoop up worms.”

Krista Wigginton of Battle Ground remarked, “Okay, kids, it’s time to go outside to play! Oh, wait, no … it’s raining again. Oh, now you can! Oh … never mind. It’s spring!”

Yeah, it is spring and it has sprung. We will wait for those sunny days. See you on Thursday.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at