Letter: Location not suitable for storage



For those wondering what all the hype is about with the Northwest Energetic Services proposal to build a major explosives storage facility in Woodland, I strongly encourage them to either take a drive to see the location or do an aerial map image on their computer. Butte Hill Road is a three-mile-long rural, private, stunningly beautiful, two-lane dead-end road. It is not capable of withstanding commercial truck traffic.

Northwest Energetic Services clearly does not belong there. Along with the explosives storage facility, they are considering relocation of their corporate headquarters to this property. Do some research on the selection process by the company and the approval processes granted them to conduct business in such a secluded area. Somebody dropped the ball.

Butte Hill Road is not an up-and-coming environment for any business.

The area is susceptible to ground movement and sliding, a place where Mother Nature calls her own unpredictable, unpreventable shots. Keep in mind that watershed and creek tributaries lead to the Lewis River, which flows to the Columbia River.

I acknowledge the safety record of Northwest Energetic Services, but to select an area outside of available in the Woodland industrial locations is questionable.

Do research and you will scratch your heads in disbelief also.

Cheri Taylor