Letter: Children suffer under new bills



When push comes to shove, the easy answer for lawmakers is to cut education funding and expect our school districts to budget for those cuts. As a result our children are losing out and the U.S. is becoming less competitive worldwide.

There are several state House bills attempting to increase the percentage of households in the middle-income bracket. Washington state HB 2170, which has moved to the state Senate for passage, asks schools to stress the importance of careers that do not require a four-year degree. This in turn will diminish the perceptions our children have toward the value of higher education.

This bill looks to promote lower-income skilled labor jobs as opposed to higher-income opportunities obtained from post-high school degrees. This could increase the middle class as well as the working poor, but may create a shortage of our nation’s educated workforce, thus creating a shortfall in education, medical, and business-related careers. Why not have schools show the students the benefits of continuing their education and offering them the resources to succeed? I want lawmakers to consider our children instead of pocketbooks.

If more attention would be focused on the future economics and creation of living wages for our country, it is obvious that promoting education is one area to start.

Tarra Wendorf