Letter: Local GOP only divided itself



I’ve just completed my participation in the Clark County Republican Party Convention at the Hilton on March 31.

First, the convention was 12 hours of chaos, disorganization, buffoonery and most critically, poor communication. We spent the whole time wondering what was going on. Hours would go by with no activity.

Second, it seemed as if the “fix” was in. There were organized groups of devious and deceitful people subverting the democratic process. Those of you behind this have lowered your ethics to the level of the Democrats.

I would tell those groups who think you have won the day: All of your foolishness was a complete waste of time and did nothing but divide the Clark County Republican Party.

Their actions furthered the cause of Barack Obama’s re-election. And, in spite of their best efforts to divide the party and ignore reality, on Election Day in November, they will either be voting for Obama or Mitt Romney.

Lastly, the only thing I came away from the convention with was a strong determination to change my political affiliation to Independent. Today, I am ashamed to be associated with the Republicans of Clark County.

Mike Brewer