Letter: Correct convention mistakes



In response to the April 1 Columbian story “GOP fails to fill its slate of delegates,” the delays at the Clark County convention had nothing to do with the Mitt Romney and Ron Paul campaigns.

There were three reasons why the Republican convention lasted so long:

  1. Check in.

  2. Seating the alternates.

  3. Counting the ballots.

I am a member of the Clark County Republican Party board, but I am not speaking for the board. Having said that, there is no value in finger pointing — but there is huge value in addressing the convention’s choke points and putting into place corrected procedures so this doesn’t occur again. Hopefully, that will take place.

I have to say, “Bravo!” to the delegates whose patience was impressive — especially during the three-hour wait to seat delegates. Although I am a Romney supporter, the Paul supporters came to the convention and walked away with what they wanted … delegates. In the world of campaigns, the best strategy and organization wins. In this case, the Ron Paul strategy (which mirrored the 2008 strategy) was brilliant, with outstanding results.

Debbie Peterson