Letter: Passing bond qualifies for match



Educating children is the responsibility of our entire community. The Woodland school district is in need of a new high school to house and educate the future leaders and is asking taxpayers to pass a school construction bond issue. Whether or not you have children in the school district, if you live in the district, I am asking you all to join me in voting “yes” for Woodland schools.

Passing the bond issue will facilitate construction of the new high school as well as upgrades and remodels of existing schools. Bond interest rates are at historic lows that will only increase, and the bidding climate for construction is favorable. The district qualifies for state matching funds covering $11 million of the project costs. These funds may not be available in the future. Sooner or later, the new school and other remodeling projects will have to be completed, and later the cost will be greater. Vote “yes” for Woodland’s future today by voting “yes” on April 17.

Michael Rosenbalm