Letter: Romney supporters treated unfairly



The Clark County Republican Party convention was a travesty. I used to think that the Republican party usually had more integrity than the Democrats; we often remove Republican politicians who act immorally or illegally. But I was ashamed to be a Republican delegate in the convention.

I was a delegate who supports Mitt Romney from the 18th Legislative District. In our caucus straw polls on March 3, Romney received more votes than any other Republican candidate in Clark County. However, due to shenanigans by the Ron Paul and Rick Santorum campaigns, not one delegate supporting Romney from the 18th Legislative District will attend the Washington state Republican Party convention.

In the straw poll, Romney received the most votes, then Paul, third, Santorum and finally, Newt Gingrich. Before the convention, Romney delegates tried to agree to a proportional slate of delegates with the other campaigns.

At the convention, I saw evidence of delaying tactics and unethical behavior from other delegates. The Paul and Santorum delegates shut out any Romney delegates from the 18th district to attend the state convention. I’m appalled that Republican voters from the 18th district will not be fairly represented at the state convention.

Peggy Sutton