Documents: officers had 3 days to file Zehm report



SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — New documents show Spokane police officers involved in the deadly altercation with a mentally disabled janitor were given three days before writing their incident reports in the 2006 encounter.

The Spokesman-Review reports that ( transcripts of grand jury testimony show at least four of the officers who helped subdue Otto Zehm were able to consult with an attorney as they wrote out their incident reports.

In 2006, Zehm was beaten by police who suspected him of stealing money at a convenience store ATM. He died two days later. Last year, Officer Karl F. Thompson was convicted of violating Zehm’s civil rights by using excessive force and then lying about it to investigators.

Attorneys for Zehm’s mother and his estate questioned why the information wasn’t previously disclosed. Interim Police Chief Scott Stephens could not be reached for comment on Friday.