Goat herd slows east Vancouver traffic

Animals might be rentals used to clear blackberries nearby




A herd of 40 to 50 goats caused a bit of a ruckus Tuesday afternoon after they got loose near Southeast First Street in east Vancouver.

Bonnie Bellis spotted the goats outside her home near First Street’s intersection with Northwest Friberg Strunk Street. She said her husband, Ron Bellis, went outside to herd the goats. Bonnie said some cars were stopping because of the animals.

Bonnie said her neighbors have seen the goats out and about a few times before. She heard they were rental goats that were being used to clear out some blackberries in a nearby housing development.

Vancouver police responded to the reported traffic hazard just after 1 p.m.

An officer then kept the animals on the side of the road while Clark County Animal Control responded. When two animal control officers arrived they were able to guide the goats off the street and back to their owner’s land.

“They’re very nice goats,” said Officer Martin with animal control, who didn’t give her first name. “This is the largest herd I’ve seen in the city.”

Martin said rental goats are becoming more popular but warns people with the animals to be careful.

“Goats are escape artists,” she said. People with them should make sure they are secure and have plenty of food.

Otherwise folks could face a fine of $100 per animal per incident for loose animals on the road.

Martin said she didn’t think the owner would be ticketed in this case.