Letter: There’s a better location for school



A new school in Woodland is a great idea, needed and necessary, but not near the wetlands of Dike Access Road. When I think of building a structure, it’s not on the closest place to sea level I can find. Then there’s having to fix 4.97 acres of wetlands by filling it with rock and soil to build it up and hope no floods come, as well as potential problems with liquefaction. (According to Department of Natural Resources geological publications, Dike Access Road is at moderate to high risk for the phenomenon of liquefaction if an earthquake occurs). We haven’t had these problems yet, so why worry, right? But I want a structure free of resulting traffic problems. I especially don’t want to go through a foot of water under an overpass during times of heavy rain. I would build a structure on higher ground in a central, more accessible location. A place where transportation would not be more expensive and safety would be foremost.

Glenda Griggs