Vancouver Police Department buys two new K9s




The Vancouver Police Department recently purchased two new K9s to replace two retiring dogs.

The new dogs and the two handlers, officers Ryan Starbuck and Jack Anderson, are part way into a 10-week training academy, said Kim Kapp, police spokeswoman.

Ory, a 1-year-old male German Shepherd from Germany, will be working with Starbuck; Ike, a 2-year-old male Belgian Malinois from the Netherlands, will work with Anderson, Kapp said.

The dogs are expected to complete training, which includes narcotics detection and patrol work, by the middle of May. Ory and Ike will join two other Vancouver K9s on patrol.

The dogs were purchased with money from public donations through Dogpaw, a local nonprofit organization.

Each dog costs about $9,500, according to an earlier department release.