Letter: Comprehension lost in translation



I have historically had difficulty communicating my questions to public officials so that they are properly comprehended. However, after reading Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt’s response to citizen questions in the April 7 Columbian story “Columbian Live Chat: Mayor tackles transportation topics,” I think I now understand why I have not been effective.

Leavitt stated that there are “many reasons to support the LRT over busses, as exhaustively studied in the FEIS and DEIS or the NEPA process for the CRC.”

My question for the mayor in response to his response: “Did the FEIS or DEIS consider the NPV or IRR of the CRC’s LRT, expressed in either M1 or M2, and will the CRC’s COC have sufficient M1 CF with the LRT option in place, given the life cycle of the CRC? I look forward to your response.

“Your BFF, TTFN. JG”

Joel Green