Hansen briefly sports blue tail before it’s washed



LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — Dr. Kendall Hansen’s dream of a running Hansen as a blue horse took a colorful turn before the $750,000 Blue Grass Stakes on Saturday.

Lindsay Hunter of Silverstone Equicenter says she dyed the lower half of Hansen’s tail on Saturday morning a royal blue — the same color featured prominently at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Hansen, who initially had the idea before it was squashed by New York racing officials before the Gotham Stakes, was called to the racing stewards’ office at Keeneland. Hansen’s blue tail was later washed out.

Active chief state steward Barbara Borden says Dr. Hansen was called up on the rumor of the blue tail, but if the horse wasn’t sporting a blue tail in the paddock then there was “no harm, no foul.”