Letter: Olympia takes license with ‘fees’



What happened to the $30 vehicle licensing fee? Seems our friends in Olympia have done just about everything they can do to get more money out of us.

I just got my renewal from the Washington State Department of Licensing for my 2007 Nissan Altima. It reads as follows:

• $3.00 filing fee to the county.

• $30.00 License fee for road construction and maintenance projects.

• $10.00 Vehicle weight fee for highway improvements, transit, and other transportation needs.

• $0.75 License service fee supports the computer system used to provide licensing services.

• $20.00 Replacement plate fee for road, street, and highway purposes.

• $4.00 Plate reflectivity fee funds road, street, and highway maintenance and improvements.

Subtotal: $67.75.

• Add $5.00 Optional state parks donation.

Total: $72.75.

Last year it totaled $43.75, not including the costs of plate replacement. Included in the envelope was a flier on buying a Discover pass for $10 or $30.

I do not see why we have to get a new plate every few years. The state is wasting a lot of money on this and causing some people a hardship with these fees.

If they need money, the county should outfit 10 more sheriff’s cars and hire 20 more deputies, and assign them to traffic duty only.

Paul E. Nelson

Hazel Dell